"Hi F2B! Both of my kids are loving the F2B program and have made great progress in just a couple of weeks! My kindergartener is beginning to read more fluently and is building up her cache of sight words. She loves sounding out all the words on the page and simply touching the words she can’t figure out on her own. My preschooler is 3 and a half and is in love with the books and the games! He has a speech delay, so it is a challenge for me to gauge what he understands and it is tough to get him to talk about his interests. With F2B, he is responding very well to the reading comprehension questions, and I can tell that he is learning from the stories. He correctly identified “praying mantis” and “pillbug” this morning. He especially loves the matching game and I believe that hearing the words is expanding his vocabulary. He has a strategy down for the matching game and he is getting faster. He can use the iPad app on his own (if I need 10 minutes to gather things for school, he can play at the kitchen table while I run around), but he prefers to play it with me or his sister. Thank you for this amazing program, F2B!"

Rachel, Parent