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The Early Learning University apps are part of the Academic Language Program for Students (ALPS) developed by Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc., and widely used in the most innovative school districts throughout the United States today. ALPS contains a breakthrough series of educational eBooks and games designed by teachers and PhDs in curriculum to accelerate vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills for pre-K through 3rd grade students. Third party studies in schools show dramatic gains in vocabulary development and comprehension among students who use these apps.  In fact, students gain 7 months vocabulary growth in just 1 month.

Early Learning University apps work in both whole group as well as individual student settings.  Our unique toggle switch allows the ebooks to be read in both English and Spanish.  We also have lesson plans that will help you extend the learning objectives and vocabulary in each ebook.

Below please find a chart that provides the research behind our Early Learning University apps.

1. Interactive eBooks
  • Develops powerful reading and writing voccabulary focusing on academic words.
  • Increases background knowledge.
  • Correlates to standards-based themes and topics.
  • Increases student engagement.
  • Provides 24/7 access through mobile technology.
  • Early language skills are developed through repeated language exposure. (Hart & Risley)
  • "Talking books" significantly increase phonological awareness, word decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, syntac, fluency and general reading ability. (Posniketal)
2. Book Buddies: Reading Comprehension & Formative Assessment
  • Develops reading comprehension and higher order thinking skills.
  • Provides formative assessment.
  • Promotes researching texts for answers.
  • Provides 3 differentiated levels of instruction.
  • Aligns to content of each book.
  • Provides immediate feedback.
  • Promotes Bloom's Taxonomy hierarchy:
  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating
  • Revised by Lorin Anderson (student of Bloom)
3. Games: Vocabulary and Skill Development
  • Provides hours of vocabulary and skill development for practice.
  • Promotes symbol and text connections.
  • Provides differentiated instruction.
  • Provides immediate feedback.
  • It takes hours of deliberate practice to gain subject matter expertise. (Anders Ericsson et al)
  • Academic vocabulary reference guides:
  • EDL Core Vocabulary for Reading Mathematics, Science and Social Studies
  • The Reading Teacher's Book of lists (Drs. Fry and Kress)
4. Create-a-Book: Creativity and Writing
  • Develops creativity and writing skills.
  • Develops storytelling skills.
  • Students can print finished books or email them to parents.
  • Creating story variations faciliate imagination, create thinking, and language ability. (Palmer et al)
  • Storytelling helps develop sequencing, (beginning, middle and end) and understanding of plot and character. (Palmer et al)