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The Backyard Band

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The Backyard Band
Written by Suzanne Barchers Illustrated by Hannah Neale Recommended for ages 3 - 8 Book-summary-button

When you download The Backyard Band, you are getting more than a book. You are getting the award-winning, comprehensive literacy program that will help your child become a confident reader and develop critical thinking skills. The Backyard Band is widely used in the most innovative school districts throughout the United States today!

The Backyard Band
More than a eLearning System
A beautifully illustrated interactive book with rhyming, music, and alliteration.
Three levels of games that develop vocabulary, short-term memory skills, phonemic awareness, and reading fluency.
Three levels of games that improve comprehension and test taking skills.
Three levels of games that assess learning objectives within the book.
Three levels of games that reinforce letter recognition and enhance spelling skills.
A unique writing tool that encourages your child to become an author by creating variations of the book he/she just read.
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Book Summary: 
Take a seat and get ready to enjoy a full band of insects that live right in the back yard. From the
butterflies that play the flute to the caterpillars that beat the drums, each insect contributes to this
lively performance. It takes a talented conductor—or at least one with plenty of arms—to keep
them all in tune and on time!
Your Child Will Learn:
• to identify names of a variety of insects.
• to identify names of a variety of musical instruments.
• to categorize musical instruments.
• to identify compound words in written and spoken form.
• to create and use instruments to create rhythm while singing.

Key Features That Promote Reading in Young Children:
• Words are highlighted as the story is read.
• Individual words are spoken when touched.
• Research-based academic words reinforce vocabulary needed for school. 
• Auditory support, rhyming, and alliteration develop reading fluency.
• Unique English/Spanish toggle switch provides bilingual support on every page.
• Three levels of game play promote independent learning. 
• Stories come to life with interactive animations and music.
• Engaging content with surprises on every page.